Sahar Zuhair draws inspiration from her
Iraqi memory as her raw material to shed
light on the events of her daily life in the
Diaspora. Influenced by ancient printing
techniques in Mesopotamia, her passion lies
in exploring human faces and their profound impact as they reflect different human
conditions and express the reality of contemporary life. Her artistic journey between
drawing, design and printmaking gave her
the ability to move easily in the production
of artwork, free from traditional boundaries. Through the dynamic interplay of
media, bold colors, and experimental techniques, she expresses the diverse tales of our
modern world. Each piece that Sahar Zuhair creates invites viewers to a new sensory
experience that is open to all interpretation.
She holds a BA in Graphic Design, along
with studies in Contemporary Free Typography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. The first prize was
awarded to Bart’d Eyckermans Legaat, who was chosen by a jury last year

Het Legaat Bart’d Eyckermans, een jaarlijkse prijs die wordt toegekend aan genomineerde cursisten van het laatste jaar uit de verschillende ateliers.


2023 Solo exhibitions At Blackbox / Royal Academy of Fine Arts
2022 Participation Blikfabriek, in Antwerp
2020 Participation stadsmagazijn

2020 Solo exhibition, Stadsmagazijn,  Antwerpen

2019 Solo exhibition,  villa de gravier brakel

2018 Solo exhibitions, The Others , Banks hotel, Antwerpen

2017  Solo exhibition gallery,In Bredabaan Merksem

2017  exhibition gallery In Galerie Villa De Graeve

2016 Solo exhibitions Fragile in Sint-Jozefskapel Brasschaat.

2016 Solo exhibitions Fragile in Cultuurcentrum De Steiger

2014 Workshop in Menen for children Arabic Calligraphy as an ArtForm

2013 Participation, Baghdad capital of Arab culture , European Parliament

2013 Solo exhibitions, The Others , Banks hotel, Antwerpen

2011 Participation, In Ogen Van, in Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen

2011 Participation in the art auction organized at benefit of the Harvey cushing Centre, in province House Antwerp

2011 Participation, Babylon Revisied- outside the green zone,Eindhoven

2010 Participation, la fete l’humanite, charl gol paris

2010 Participation, zomerexpo, Campo campo ,Antwerpen

2009 Solo exhibitions, the red sky, Protestants Sociaal Centrum, Antwerpen

2008 Solo exhibitions, Memory walls,

Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen

2008 Participation, Kultuur 08, Dendermonde

2008 Live drawing with poems with Cactusbloem vzw, Antwerpen

2009 Participation, Pro Patria, Antwerpen

2006 ParticipatioFortEuropa,Oostende